Integrated NFTs for brands and industries

Twiny’s decentralized blockchain solutions provide brands and industries with powerful tools for authenticating, tracking the lifecycle of their valuable assets and transactions.

Empowering 4.0 industries with Twiny’s solutions.

Twiny enables brands and industries to create a secure and transparent digital identity for their assets and transactions with the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Twiny leverages smart contracts to provide proof of ownership and track the product’s supply chain, transactional history, and all integrated processes.


Twiny’s API endpoint provides a simple solution to integrate NFTs across 10+ blockchain protocols into your applications.


Twiny’s SAAS platform offers a comprehensive, turnkey solution as an alternative to the Twiny API for businesses.

Custom built

Twiny’s team of experts excels in creating custom smart contracts and seamlessly integrating blockchain protocols to maximize their potential in a customized build.

Proof ownership and trace the lifecycle of assets.

Twiny NFT enables businesses to prove ownership and track the lifecycle of assets. Lifecycle tracking involves recording data about the asset from the point of its creation until the end of its entire lifecycle. This data can include information such as maintenance records, changes of ownership, valuations, and performance metrics.

More about Twiny NFT’s solutions

A Swiss made watch manufacturer

Thanks to its partnership with Twiny, Timeless Watch has improved its online sales process by offering NFT certificates to customers. These certificates provide a digital guarantee of ownership and traceability of the watch’s lifecycle, replacing traditional paper guarantee documents. Twiny’s technology enabled second-hand buyers to easily verify the authenticity of the watch and view its complete maintenance history. Additionally, Timeless Watch can maintain the quality of its watches through.
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