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Improve tracking, ownership validation, and authenticity in your fabrication process or distribution channel by integrating Twiny API, which generates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) certificates for each physical or digital asset.

Exploring the potential of integrating the Twiny API into your industrial or distribution operations.

Real estate

NFTs can be used to represent rental and lease agreements, enabling the automation of rental payments and the tracking of rental income for landlords. Smart contracts can be used to automatically trigger payments and enforce the terms of the agreement.


Twiny APi can represent tokenized assets, such as real estate, commodities, and artwork, which can be represented digitally and valued on e-banking platforms.


Twiny APi can be used to provide proof of authenticity for luxury goods, such as high-end fashion items or luxury watches. This can help to prevent counterfeiting and assure customers that they are buying an authentic product.


Smart contracts can be used to track the supply chain of manufactured products, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. This can provide a more transparent and efficient way of managing the production process.

Build trust and transparency with your stakholders

Twiny API’s use of blockchain technology creates a tamper-proof database that provides increased transparency and traceability for partners and customers. The API generates comprehensive records of a product’s life cycle at specific stages, promoting trust and reliability by ensuring that partners and customers have access to relevant information.

Timeless watches use case

A Swiss made watch manufacturer

Thanks to its partnership with Twiny, Timeless Watch has improved its online sales process by offering NFT certificates to customers. These certificates provide a digital guarantee of ownership and traceability of the watch’s lifecycle, replacing traditional paper guarantee documents. Twiny’s technology enabled second-hand buyers to easily verify the authenticity of the watch and view its complete maintenance history. Additionally, Timeless Watch can maintain the quality of its watches throug
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